Why is a hybrid car so hot?

Why is a hybrid car so hot? Recently, the automobile industry is popularly known as a hybrid-powered car. News reports in this area have taken up a lot of the headlines of industry websites, and there are still quite a few things about it.

The first is the strong support of the country’s policies. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the four ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Notice on Expanding the Work Related to the Extension and Demonstration of Public Transport Buses in Hybrid Cities", and decided to install hybrid buses (including plug-in hybrid buses). ) The scope of promotion has expanded from the current 25 demonstration and promotion cities for energy-saving and new energy vehicles to all cities in the country.

Followed by the industry's extreme pursuit of it. Toyota Motor Corp. announced on Monday that it plans to introduce 21 hybrid vehicles in the next three years. By the end of this year, a new electric vehicle will be introduced. Fuel cell vehicles that use hydrogen fuel to generate electricity will be put on the market in 2015.

From this species, I believe you and Xiao Bian are full of curiosity about this hybrid car, what kind of car will have such a great magic. Then the small series will introduce you to this new type of car.

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) refers to a vehicle that is equipped with two kinds of power sources at the same time, a heat power source (produced by a conventional gasoline engine or diesel engine) and an electric power source (battery and motor). By using a motor in a hybrid vehicle, the power system can be flexibly regulated according to the actual operating conditions of the entire vehicle, while the engine is maintained in an area with the best overall performance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

How does a hybrid car work?

The power system of a hybrid electric vehicle is mainly composed of a control system, a drive system, an auxiliary power system, and a battery pack.

Take series hybrid electric vehicle as an example, introduce the working principle of hybrid electric vehicle.

At the beginning of the vehicle's running, the battery is fully charged, its energy output can meet the vehicle requirements, and the auxiliary power system does not need to work. When the battery power is lower than 60%, the auxiliary power system starts: when the vehicle energy demand is large, the auxiliary power system and the battery pack provide energy for the drive system at the same time; when the vehicle energy demand is small, the auxiliary power system provides energy for the drive system. At the same time, the battery pack is also charged. Due to the presence of battery packs, the engine is operated in a relatively stable condition and its emissions are improved.

Hybrid cars use smaller engines that can meet the needs of car cruising, relying on electric motors or other auxiliary devices to provide the additional power needed to accelerate and climb. The result is increased overall efficiency without sacrificing performance. Hybrid vehicles are designed to recover braking energy. In traditional cars, the energy that could have been used to accelerate the car was thrown away as heat when the driver stepped on the brakes. Hybrid vehicles, on the other hand, can recover most of this energy and temporarily store it for acceleration. When the driver wants to have the maximum acceleration, the gasoline engine and the electric motor work in parallel, providing starting performance comparable to that of a powerful gasoline engine. In places where acceleration is not too demanding, hybrids can run on electric motors alone, or on petrol engines alone, or a combination of both to maximize efficiency. For example, use a gasoline engine when cruising on the road. When driving at low speeds, it can be driven by the motor alone without the aid of a gasoline engine. Even when the engine is turned off, the electric power steering system can maintain the steering function, providing greater efficiency than conventional hydraulic systems.

From this, it is believed that it is not difficult for you to discover that hybrid vehicles are the development direction of automobiles in the next ten or even twenty years. This is a long transition period before the emergence of alternative new energy sources. This is not hard to explain why hybrid cars are so popular.

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