Kumho Tire promotes VIP protection policy for 1 year

Divided into various car forums and Weibo, it is not difficult for riders to find a lot of complaints and complaints about the “tipping”, “tipping”, “cracking” and “cracking” of tires of various brands. But the reason is that people who are familiar with tires and driving skills know that many problems are caused by poor road conditions and improper driving, and have nothing to do with the quality of tires. In this way, it is often the driver who has complained to the 4S store or conducted the test and was found to be a man-made cause and did not receive compensation. However, Kumho Tire fully implemented the “Customer Satisfaction, Quality First” philosophy and launched the “ VIP Safeguards Policy ” far exceeding industry standards: Kumho Tire ’s four high-end products, which have been caused by roads within one year since the date of purchase. Tyre piercing, damaged sidewalls of the carcass cord, and sidewalls with a wear rate of less than 50% due to impact; Kumho Tire's “VIP Safeguard Policy” completely eliminates the worries of consumers in the use process and has opened a precedent in the industry.

Recently, Miss Wang from Tianjin has been lucky enough to experience the benefits and convenience of Kumho Tire's VIP Safeguard Policy. She purchased Kumho tires with a bulge, which was later submitted for identification as an impact bulge. This is a man-made injury. This condition is not covered in the general security regulations. However, because of its compliance with the “VIP Safeguards Policy” claims of Kumho Tires, it was fortunate to have a free tire change.

Recalling the launch of the VIP Safeguard Policy, the tire industry was greatly shocked. Tires have always been one of the most wearable parts of a car. Improper use and quality problems can easily cause damage or bulging. The rights and responsibilities behind the two are totally different, and disputes are inevitable. In the face of this problem that tire companies have troubled with their brains, Kumho Tire has boldly proposed that companies pay for consumers, on the one hand, it highlights the management philosophy of Kumho Tire's “customer first, service first”, and on the other hand, it also shows Kumho Tire's confidence in the product. The relevant person in charge of Kumho Tire said that the “VIP Safeguard Policy” has received extensive attention from the industry and praised by consumers once it is launched. The company is actively assessing that it is expected that more product models will be included in the protection scope of the policy in the future, allowing more consumers to experience Kumho’s comprehensive, convenient and user-friendly after-sales services.

Quality + Security: The Future of Kumho Tires

Some experts said that in 2012 China’s auto consumption market will be a “perfect” year. While attaching importance to product functions, the market needs more humanity and high-quality after-sales services as a support. This is not only reflected in the entire vehicle field, but even more so in the tire industry. This is a good thing for consumers, but for businesses, it is a big challenge. Kumho Tire has taken the lead and created a precedent for domestic VIP after-sales service for tires. This is the practice of Kumho Tire's "customer satisfaction, quality first" corporate purpose. This year, Kumho has shifted its goal from improving market share in the past to pursuing a healthy development of the market. More service consumers, continue to enhance customer satisfaction is the top consideration for Kumho.

In order to better serve consumers, Kumho Tire is also establishing a more comprehensive after-sales service system to upgrade multiple safeguard policies. First, all Kumho Tire Products' basic "three guarantees" service period will be extended from three years. The maximum period of five years in the industry covers the whole cycle of tire products from production and sales to the end of normal service life, highlighting the highly responsible attitude of the company to consumers. Second, on the basis of the “Three Guarantees” service, two service measures, “VIP Safeguard Policy” and “Special Safeguard Policy” have been launched since last year. The “Special Safeguards Policy” benefits up to 19 tires: Kumho’s passenger car wear rate is below 50%, and tires from the side due to impact will receive a free tire change. The dual protection policies of the “Special Safeguards Policy” and the “VIP Safeguards Policy” have upgraded Kumho Tire's after-sales protection to a new height.

While the quality assurance system has been continuously improved, Kumho Tire has also established a membership system and established various channels to understand the urgency of consumers in the quickest possible time. In addition, the CS service system has been fully deployed in distribution outlets throughout the country, and efforts have been made to refine the various service contents and enhance the initiative in training service personnel for after-sales service so that all consumers are valued. To further optimize operations, improve user service quality and customer satisfaction. In the future, Kumho Tire will continue to focus on its business and deepen its service. We will continue our mission of “Customer Satisfaction and Quality First”. We will further improve the market feedback and consumer services, and create high-quality services to create a corporate image of cutting-edge quality and high-end services. , wholeheartedly give back to consumers.

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