Hebei's four defendants sentenced to the production and sale of "ditch oil" were each sentenced to 15 years

Hebei verdicts that the production and sale of "drain oil" 4 defendants were each sentenced to 15 years of diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-11-03

Shijiazhuang, November 2 Powered by the public concern Hebei Nanhe production and sales of “drain oil” case on the 2nd to make a judgment. Due to the use of inferior animal fats to produce chicken salad oil and sales profit, Wei Shanmin and four others were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by Hebei Nanhe County People’s Court and fined 1.2 million yuan. The other five defendants in the case were also Sentenced.
The High Quality People's Court of Hebei Province reported the trial of the case on the 2nd. According to notification, the Nanhe County Court found that Wei Shanmin, Zheng Shuangting, Chen Juyin (currently at large), Chen Bugao, and Liu Jilin, etc., have invested in partnerships. In April 2011, they signed a contracting agreement with Xingtai Hongruida Edible Oil Co., Ltd. After the start of production of edible oil.
From April to June 2011, Chen Bugao contacted Zheng Shuangting and Wei Shanmin and illegally purchased from Hebei Boye County, Daming County, Ren County, Handan City, Fucheng City, and Guan County, Zaozhuang City, Wucheng County, and Ji County in Shandong Province. After processing chicken oil or animal animal fat, these inferior animal fats were processed and produced approximately 240 tons of “chicken salad oil”.
According to the report, from May to June 2011, Wei Shanmin, Zheng Shuangting, Chen Bugao, Liu Jilin, Wu Honglin, Wu Chaofei, Bai Jianshe and others sold a total of 238.6 tons of “chicken salad oil” with a total amount of RMB 2,504,331,000.
After the Nanhe County Public Security Bureau took compulsory measures against Wei Shanmin, Bai established Li Peng, another defendant in the case, to find Li Xiujuan and asked him to produce false certifications from Shandong Xiangyuan Science and Technology Feed Co., Ltd. and do it on the company’s accounts. Fake accounts, to escape legal sanctions, and promised to give Fang Lu Peng and Li Xiujuan a fee of 20,000 yuan.
According to the relevant provisions of the "PRC Criminal Law", the People's Court of Nanhe County sentenced the defendants Wei Shanmin, Zheng Shuangting, Chen Bugao, and Liu Jilin to imprisonment for 15 years and fined RMB 1.2 million for the crime of producing and selling inferior products. The food crimes sentenced the defendants Wu Honglin and Wu Chaofei to imprisonment for 2 years and a fine of RMB 60,000. The defendant was found guilty of the crime of selling poisonous and harmful foods and obstruction to testify, and a combined punishment of two years 6 years. Month, and fined RMB 50,000 yuan; sentenced defendants Fang Lupen and Li Xiujuan to one-year imprisonment and suspended sentence for one year for perjury. (Finish)
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