Beijing Traffic Commission: Or restore the car with a parking permit

Beijing Traffic Commission: Or restore the car with a parking permit Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Transportation Committee of the Municipal Transportation Commission stated that by the end of the year, the city’s six districts will increase another 9175 parking spaces in residential areas, and five public parking facilities such as Wukesong and Shijingshan Badachu will start construction. . In addition, in response to questions from users, the relevant person in charge of the Transportation Committee of the Municipal Transportation Commission stated that under the premise of the construction of the parking facilities, or to restore the vehicle with the parking permit.

6 New Parking Spaces in City 6 will exceed 10% annually

This year, the city will increase the construction of parking facilities. Pang Bo, the director of the Parking Facility Management Office of the Municipal Transportation Commission’s Transportation Bureau, said that the parking spaces are roughly divided into two kinds: residential parking spaces and outbound parking spaces. At present, there are 26,271 parking spaces in the newly-increased residential areas in Chengliu District, which alleviates the difficulty of parking in residential areas to some extent. Among them, 2,792 were newly built in Dongcheng District, 1,178 in Xicheng District, 7,165 in Chaoyang District, 10,934 in Haidian District, 2,600 in Fengtai District, and 1,602 in Shijingshan District.

“There are 72 new parking spaces under construction. It is estimated that there will be 9175 additional parking spaces at the end of the year.” Pan Bo introduced that on October 11th, the first batch of newly built projects with 8633 parking spaces in 61 residential areas were reviewed. Work has been completed, including 5,208 in Chaoyang District, 1,823 in Fengtai District and 1,602 in Shijingshan District. Pan Bo said that through various methods, the new parking spaces in the six districts should reach 10% to 15% each year.

Five public parking project will start <br> <br> addition to residential parking demand, public demand for travel parking is very urgent. Pan Bo revealed that the city is accelerating the construction of public parking buildings (repository) and involves five major projects in key areas. Among them, the Wukesong underground parking lot project is undergoing planning and land approval procedures; Xicheng District Guanyuan Wholesale Market and Dacheng Square Three-Dimensional Parking Garage Project are scheduled to start in the near future; Shijiazhuang District Badachu Parking Lot and Heteresund Underground Parking Lot will enter the program At the design stage, 151 and 700 parking spaces will be added respectively.

As of the end of August this year, 28 P+R parking lots were put into use in the city, and there were 4464 parking spaces. In addition, the City Six District has carried out faulty parking at 47 parking lots, providing 3,367 parking spaces; and civil air defense projects provide 17,199 parking spaces.

Or restore the car with a parking permit

Not only old buildings, but also new residential areas, shopping malls, and office buildings have experienced shortages of parking spaces. Pan Bo believes that the main reason is that the growth of motor vehicles is too fast and the parking facilities are equipped with lower standards. Pan Bo said that the city will establish standards for the installation of parking facilities in the core area. At present, preliminary opinions have been prepared for demonstration.

Some netizens suggested that under the premise of the construction of parking facilities, car buyers can request proof of parking in order to ease parking difficulties. In response, Pan Bo said, “This is a development trend.” In fact, Beijing took this measure from 1998 to 2004 and achieved good results. If you can get a car, parking is the best way to get a car.

At present, for the allocation of parking resources, the city’s policy is to control supply within the Third Ring Road, provide moderate supply from the Third Ring to the Fifth Ring, and guarantee the supply beyond the Fifth Ring Road. In the future, the idea of ​​parking resources will also be similar to the “quarter-century life circle”, and parking spaces can be found within ten minutes or one or two hundred meters walking distance.

In addition, the city will establish access thresholds for parking companies. This year, Fengtai District has taken the lead in innovating the business model of road-parking and parking operations. It is clear that the pre-paid road treasury of the road-holding and parking companies will be called the “parking fees”. “At present, all 17 parking companies in the region have The advance payment of road fees will provide an experience for the city to explore the establishment of a road parking franchise system, said Pang Bo.

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