Urea companies do everything possible to reduce costs and increase efficiency

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Right now, the price of urea is below 2,000 yuan per ton. Although it is not the lowest level in history, urea companies have felt chilly in the face of the winter storage that has come. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed learned that doing everything possible to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and seek development has become the main choice for urea enterprises in the fourth quarter of this year.

To increase production and reduce costs is the main measure for development of Shanxi Fengxi Huarui Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. The company’s general manager Zhao Zhejun told the reporter that the company’s annual production capacity of 180,000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 300,000 tons of urea technology has been operating relatively smoothly since it was put into operation in July. The output of synthetic ammonia has been increased from the original 630 tons of Nissan to the current 700 tons, an increase of 11.12%, the cost of ammonia decreased by 5.56%, and the cost of urea decreased by 6.67%, which also made them fully realize the great potential of tapping and renovating.

From November to the end of the year, the company will focus on the implementation of new synthetic high-pressure engine projects, new urea CO2 compressor projects, new PSA wet desulfurization regeneration systems, and boiler blended gas reform projects. Strive to make the production of ammonia again to a new level, the cost will drop by 5%, so that they will be more competitive in the market.

“Developing new fertilizers such as compound fertilizers, controlled-release fertilizers, special fertilizers, and peptide urea that farmers are accustomed to use, and adjusting their product mix, will enable urea companies to get out of the dilemma of a single species. This is a good time this winter.” Shanxi Jinfeng Coal Deputy General Manager of Sales of Chemical Co., Ltd. continued winter students told reporters. The company will produce a special formula fertilizer that meets the needs of farmers in November. This will also become a marketing initiative for the company to develop and promote medium-grain and small-particle-polypeptide urea, and to open up new markets and enhance market competitiveness.

Bei Da Fen Co., Ltd. Haohua Branch produces about 600,000 tons of raw coal and thermal coal per year, which accounts for more than 60% of the total production cost. In order to reduce procurement costs, the company negotiated prices with suppliers such as Heilongjiang Mine and Longji Group, and achieved significant results. At present, the price of 11-grade air-purified coal purchased by the company will be significantly reduced. They also signed the "Measurement for Quantity, Price and Repayment Guarantee" with Long Coal Group. The agreement stipulates that the company will purchase a certain amount of coal per month, and Long Coal Group will provide preferential price and payment payment. This is an effective measure for the company to improve economic efficiency and enhance its core competitiveness.

“The total investment of our No. 4 Plant and Xinjiang Project is 5.6 billion yuan. Once it is put into production one day earlier, it will have a day’s worth of benefits.” According to the person in charge of Henan Xinlianxin Fertilizer Co., Ltd., in the winter of this year, they are ensuring production safety and stability. On the basis of long-term, full-scale, and excellent-quality, the project will comprehensively plan the construction of the fourth plant with an annual output of 800,000 tons of urea and Xinjiang with an annual output of 520,000 tons of urea, in an effort to shorten the project duration and save financial costs.

Qian Linming, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Linggu Chemical Co., Ltd. and manager of Dafei Fertilizer Branch, told the reporter that the company is playing a combination boxing: This year, it will invest 80 million yuan to implement desulphurization, waste heat utilization and other projects. After the project is put into production, The cost of tons of urea can be reduced by another 100 yuan. At the same time, they actively reduced operational risks by strengthening internal management and other measures. The company strived to reduce debts by 600 million yuan annually and save financial expenses by 40 million yuan, which promoted the sound and rapid development of the company.

According to Qian Linming, the company’s second-phase expansion project with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan has already been launched. The project will continue to adhere to the principle of integrated innovation and “make the world’s best technology available to me”. It is understood that the company's 2009 annual output of 450,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 800,000 tons of urea project, due to bring together the United States ammonia production technology, the Netherlands urea production technology, Germany, desulfurization and decarbonization technology and other world-advanced technologies and devices, so that enterprises The coal gasification efficiency has been increased from the original 80% to the current 99%, and the electricity consumption per unit urea product has dropped by 82%. In the whole year, 130,000 tons of standard coal can be saved, and the economic benefit is increased by 150 million yuan. The company's energy consumption, technology, production capacity, efficiency and other indicators, are far ahead in the domestic industry. After their second-phase expansion project was completed in 2014, the company will be among the top three in the coal-based fertilizer industry in China.

Shanxi Orchid Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is to reduce costs by strengthening management. The Group's Yanghua Branch insists on “grasping two ends and stabilizing the middle” and strengthens cost management: Firstly, it strictly controls the purchase of “two coals” and raw and auxiliary materials, and strengthens process control; second, it improves the purchase of materials, inventory, settlement, and expenses. The formalities and systems of other links enable all aspects of material in and out of the warehouse to be interlocked with one another to minimize losses. Third is to focus on controlling leakage in the production process, strengthen on-site monitoring, and eliminate waste; It is to continuously deepen the “three major management”, strengthen internal control, continuously improve work efficiency, plug loopholes, and reduce production and operating costs.

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