Analysis of Development Status of Elemental Analysis Instruments

Analysis of Development Status of Elemental Analysis Instruments The elemental analysis instrument, as a laboratory routine instrument, can detect the elements of solid, liquid and gas, and conduct simultaneous analysis of various elements, such as carbon in organic solids, highly volatile and sensitive substances, The quantitative analysis of hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and other elements is playing an irreplaceable role in modern society. At present, elemental analysis instruments are mainly divided into metal multi-element analyzers, computer multi-element analyzers, organic element analyzers, and computer multi-element integrated analyzers.

Development status of China's chemical analysis instrument industry China's chemical element analysis instrument industry has grown from scratch and from small to large, but the overall comprehensive technical level has only reached the level of developed countries in the mid-1980s, and has only a small market share in the global market. At present, about 73% of China's chemical analysis instruments need to be imported. The proportion is higher in some high-end precision instruments, and some high-end products are even completely dependent on imports. It can be said that backward chemical analysis instruments have become a bottleneck restricting China's rapid economic development.

China has always attached importance to the research and development of chemical analysis instruments. During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period and the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, it was listed as an important part of the national scientific and technological research plan. Through scientific and technological breakthroughs, the market for domestic analytical instruments is gradually changing the market pattern in which high-tech, technology-intensive instruments have long relied on imports. As China attaches great importance to the chemical analysis instrument industry and the continuous increase in downstream demand, the market for chemical analysis instruments grows faster than the international average, and the overall scale rapidly expands.

The future of analytical instruments in China The analytical instruments in China must not only innovate, grasp the frontiers, but also grasp the basics. The two are closely integrated. However, at present, China's steel analysis instrument companies should focus on basic instruments. Innovation, cutting-edge technologies Should be based on the combination of production, education, research and use of scientific research institutions, enterprises actively participate in; and the basis of the development of the front furnace analysis equipment, industrialization, business conditions are better than scientific research institutions, it should be based on the company, Scientific research institutions participate. But to grasp innovation, grasp the frontier, and grasp the foundation, we must take the path of integration of production, study, research, and use.

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