Changchun actively develops auto parts industry

"Going out" to open up the market, "going out" to find business opportunities, "going out" to seek development. "Going out" has become a new development demand for Changchun auto parts companies.

The scale of the auto parts industry in Changchun has reached a scale of 100 billion yuan in 2011, and the output value has reached 103 billion yuan. Behind the rapid development is the awakening of market awareness of auto parts companies in Changchun.

From the past, the "stare" to live in FAW to engage in matching, to today's "focus on FAW, attention to the country, the whole world." Changchun parts and components company's development vision is not disconnected, "going out" step more quickly.

To develop in both international and domestic markets
“Foooo Group is currently supporting domestic OEMs such as BAIC and SAIC. This part of the production value accounts for about 30% of the Group's total sales revenue, and FAW's supporting output value accounts for about 60%, and some of them are exported to the international market.” At the China International Auto Parts Expo, Liu Yunpeng, a project manager of the Ford Group, told reporters that in the past two years, the total exports of the Group have grown rapidly and reached 100 million yuan last year.

The Group's "going out" pace is fast. From the beginning, it was only for FAW, and it is now facing the national OEM. Fuao has developed rapidly in the domestic market. Last year, the domestic market reached RMB 5 billion, which is a big leap forward. Liu Yunpeng told reporters that Fosun Group has already taken steps to open up the international market. Currently, it has established a sales base for auto parts in North America, which is not only the bridgehead of Fool Group, but also the display of many auto parts companies in Changchun for North America. Window and trading platform, there are currently Xuyang Group and other companies where products are displayed.

“Dongguang Group's flywheel ring gear has been sold to many countries in North America, and its subsidiary Dahua also created an export worth of 200 million yuan last year, accounting for about 30% of the company’s output value.” Deputy General Manager Northeast Industrial Group Jiang Tao told the reporter that Dongguang Group is the best company to go out in the subsidiaries of the Northeast Industrial Group, and the group has taken the development of the international market and international cooperation as the next development focus.

Internationally seeking cooperation
At the International Auto Parts Expo, Changchun Vice Mayor Gui Guangli met with Alan Weber, a senior business representative from Oakland County in the United States, and built a high-quality platform for business opportunities in Changchun City. Oakland County is a production base of the United States automobile industry. With an advanced automotive parts industry, it is an ideal location for Changchun parts companies to seek cooperation.

This time, the child safety seats of the Xuyang Group have received extensive attention. This is a product independently developed by the Xuyang Group. Sun Weiguo, deputy chief engineer of Xuyang Group, told reporters that this product is a highlight of this exhibition. Xuyang Group hopes to find an international partner and Oakland County will become the first customer of Sun Weiguo.

Looking at the international market is not just Xu Yang. Jiang Tao, deputy general manager of the Northeast Industrial Group, also met with representatives of the Oakland County. He hopes to seek joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions in the local area through the strength of both governments.

"Going out" Changchun strides
The auto industry is the most internationalized industry, and it is also the pillar industry that Changchun is focusing on. At present, the comprehensive strength of Changchun's auto parts industry is first-rate in the country, and its advantages such as scale, technology, and talents are outstanding. However, the gap between Changchun enterprises and international big companies is obvious. The biggest gap is the degree of internationalization.

Jiang Tao, deputy general manager of Northeast Industrial Group, believes that the proportion of Changchun auto parts companies supporting other domestic machine factories is very low, there is no “going out” on the domestic market, and there is not enough strength in the international market, and the pace is not enough. fast.

Judging from the current situation, the municipal government has already helped companies “go global” and increase their economic externality as an important development strategy. It is believed that with the increase in government support and the continuous efforts of the company itself, Changchun’s Parts companies will show their skills in the international market.

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